How to grow Bamboo?

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After the sturgeon is propagated, we need to prepare the nursery and good care to ensure the highest success rate of the sturgeon plant. After about 8 weeks of taking care of the lilies, when the plant has its roots and lush leaves, start planting in the garden. The planting density of Bamboo is about 500 trees / ha, planting is arranged according to the distance from the tree 4m, the row 5m or 3m x 6m (planting in a straight line like rubber). Before planting, we also dig holes to put pots into planting and fertilize each hole from 5 to 10 kg of decomposed manure.

Then remove the cover of the potting medium, then slowly place the tree in the hole already dug and mulch soil and soil into the base of the tree to cut so that the tree is fixed not to fall. After that, you can water and you can cover the base of the plant with straw and dry leaves to keep the plant moist. Planting Bamboo Tree, in addition to helping farmers have a good income, get out of poverty, create jobs for many people, also has the aim of protecting the environment and contributing to forest regeneration. covering the barren hill… etc.

Note that often planted a bush per bush, but today many innovators have grown a higher yield that planted many stumps of one bush (one planting hole) to help the tree produce more seedlings. With this planting method shorten the planting time to about 2-3 years to be able to harvest.

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